The Ossian Trinity . The murder of an Islamic mullah sets off violence throughout the former Soviet republics. Engineered by a conspiracy of top U.S. officials, they are threatened by exposure when President Hank Thomas uncovers their existence. The only answer ... his assassination! However, when their killer, code-named Red Star, is exposed by Jack Ellice of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, they need a new executioner.

Ossian, a longtime soldier of the Irish Republican Army, tired of killing abandons everything, including Valerie, the woman he loves. But when the conspirators buy their way into the IRA, Ossian must plot the assassination of Thomas to save Valerie from the brutal thug whose brother he killed.

When Ellice realizes the Irishman is in Canada to execute the President while on a visit, it is a race against time to uncover the conspiracy, find the shadowy Red Star, and stop Ossian before he can commit the ultimate crime!

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In 1995, a new government was elected in the Province of Ontario on the basis of bringing about a "Common Sense Revolution". This was not just a reaction to the outgoing NDP, but a whole new philosophy behind government. Mike Harris, the new Premier, declared government was too large, too expensive, and too intrusive in people's lives. He and his Revolutionaries declared they would shrink it, eliminate over-spending, and would cut taxes for voters and create a business-friendly environment.

The Common (Non)Sense Revolution: The Decline of Progress and Democracy in Ontario is an examination of the "Harrisite" years, both in actions and philosophy, and compares them to the era before, when government in Ontario was predicated on progressive growth balanced by conservative management. The neo-conservative agenda has meant that regulations that protected people were reduced or eliminated, and the finances that paid for services necessary for a progressive society were sacrificed to return money to wealthier Ontarians. And the "revolution" was enacted by creating chaos and upheaval, and aggressively punishing "special interests" who allegedly benefited unfairly by "politics as usual". The Harris Tories have set Ontarian against Ontarian, reversed many of our most progressive policies, and undermined fundamental democratic values.

It closely examines government policies on health, education, electricity, the environment, and a plethora of other areas where the Harrisites made changes. The Common (Non)Sense Revolution also contains many suggestions for reforms to repair the damage done and get Ontario back on a path to a progressive society where government is run fairly and competently but doesn't lose sight that government is to be "for the people".

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Cherished Heart: My Mama's Greek & Canadian Recipes focuses on the wonderful and tasty foods that Anna Poletes cooked for her daughter, Viola, as she was growing up in London, Ontario. Viola wanted to remind herself what it was that was so special about her mother, something she wanted to share with people. The best way, she thought, was to put together the vast number of recipes of foods her mother cooked, so that everyone might get a taste of the joy Viola feels for having had Anna as her mother.

And while most cookbooks give you a few lovely photographs of food, Viola gives you more than 250 recipes from her late mother. Here's just one. Give it a try!

Mama's Tiri Shrimp Filo
1/2 cup milk
1 cup unsalted ricotta
3/4 cup grated cheese -- Italian/Swiss
2 eggs
1 can shrimp or crab meat
1/2 pound phyllo
1/2 cup melted butter
2-3 tablespoons scalloped potato sauce powder

Mix the milk and cheese in a small pot, slowly over a low heat. If too thick, add more milk. Once melted, remove from stove. While stirring, add eggs and shrimp. Cut phyllo into strips. Place filling in the phyllo. Wrap. Brush melted butter on top. Bake in pre-heated oven of 350F for 12-15 minutes. Serves 15.

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"Over the years, I've run across many people who are interested in public office, either to run themselves or to assist in a campaign, but have no idea into what they're getting themselves. And most political parties don't give their candidates and campaigns help until long after they need it. That's why I've written this guide."
Byron Montgomery

Wanted to Get Elected? A Manual for Election Campaigns in Canada looks at all aspects of a partisan election campaign, from the selection of the candidate right through the campaign's aftermath. The focus of the work is to assist in defining a strategy for your election, through the campaign's organization, its financing, the ideas on which it is based, and defining the strengths and weaknesses of both the candidate and your opponent. this last point includes some "dos" and "don'ts" on physical look and style, speaking ability, cordiality, knowledge, awareness, physical stamina, and personal habits. However, the core of Want to Get Elected? deals with the work to be done in a campaign by the senior team, including the campaign manager, office manager, chief financial officer, fundraising chair, telephone canvass chair, door-to-door or poll canvass chair, scheduling officer, policy chair, sign crew chair, communications' chair, and the election day chair. This guide is packed full of tips on what you need in a campaign headquarters, how to recruit volunteers, and dealing with the potential problems that always come up at the worst time ... from someone who's been there. If you're getting, or thinking of getting, involved in an election campaign, this is a must read for you!

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